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Strange American Habits to charge Smartphones revealed by NPD

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Strange American Habits to charge Smartphones revealed by NPD-GadgetAny
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A recent survey by The NPD Group gives a little insight into how Americans charge their phones.

The NPD Group’s unique consumer survey, which was carried out for OnePlus, uncovered some intriguing information regarding how Americans recharge their phones. Android Authority received a report from The NPD Group that revealed the following findings:

  • According to 69% of survey participants, they charge their smartphones at least twice daily.
  • 64% of those surveyed said they charged their phones at night.
  • Respondents reported that 93% of them charge their phones at home.
  • In addition, 45% of people charge their phones when driving or using public transportation, 32% do so at work, 15% do so while participating in outdoor activities (such as hiking, shopping, attending concerts, dining out, etc.), 14% do so at school, and 8% do so while flying.
  • 88% of those surveyed admitted to using a wired charger. In addition, 46% claimed to often use wireless chargers, 28% claimed to use automobile chargers, and 19% claimed to regularly use power banks.
  • According to 64% of respondents, they leave their phones plugged in for at least 40 minutes to charge.
  • When asked if they worry about their battery expiring while “out and about” and without a place to charge in, 63% of respondents replied yes.
  • A phone that charges in less than 20 minutes is at least somewhat appealing to 97% of Americans.
  • A wall charger and charging cable should allegedly be included in the box with the phone, according to almost 75% of the respondents.
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According to the NPD Group, the study was performed between September 13 and September 20, 2022. The participants in the study had to have recently purchased smartphones that cost $600 or more.

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