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Strict Age Ratings Restriction Imposed By Apple On ChatGPT-powered Apps

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Image Credit : Search Engine Journal Due to the inclusion of ChatGPT in the most recent upgrade of email client BlueMail, Apple, and BlueMail are at loggerheads. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is presently preventing the update because the app's creator, Blix Inc., disagrees with the company's decision to impose an age limit on BlueMail after last week's rejection of the brand's update application. Apple Rejects ChatGPT-Powered Email App Update; Demands Age Restriction (Report) Photo Credit: MSN The most recent version of BlueMail from Blix Inc. integrates AI chatbot functionality into the email client using OpenAI's GPT-3 language model. Apple, however, asserts in documents provided to the outlet by Blix Inc. that the app's AI integration does not include content screening, which is what caused the suggestion of a 17-and-up age limit. OpenAI's proprietary ChatGPT, which is still in beta, is well known for producing potentially objectionable content, such as racial and gender prejudices, inaccuracies, and unsettling language. But, BlueMail has its content-filtering features, which were described in its application to the Apple App Store, according to Blix Inc. co-founder Ben Volach, who spoke to the outlet. Additionally, he hinted that there are existing apps on the App Store with AI features that aren't being given unfavorable reviews. The app is classified as being appropriate for users four years of age and older in its most recent, updated version. The developer's main worry is that the age limit will make it difficult for customers to find BlueMail in the app store and might discourage them from using the service. Yet, BlueMail isn't the first AI-updated program that has come under attack. The same obstacle prevented Microsoft from integrating ChatGPT capabilities into its mobile apps for its Bing search engine. Microsoft recently added ChatGPT features to its Bing search engine. According to a Microsoft representative, the current ChatGPT-overloaded Bing mobile app version has an age restriction of 17 and above on the Apple App Store but not on the Google Play Store. Microsoft Bing & ChatGPT: 5 Possible Features At Launch Photo Credit: Search Engine Journal Although Apple isn't a participant in the AI game officially, its App Store is now flooded with malicious and fraudulent apps masquerading as ChatGPT alternatives. One of the earliest was a program named ChatGPT Chat GPT AI Using GPT-3, which requested money before OpenAI unveiled its ChatGPT Plus subscription tier. The app was available for at least three weeks before it attracted media attention as a price-gouging hoax, earning a 4.6 rating out of 5 and more than 13,000 reviews. Several people were left wondering how the software cleared Apple's review process in the first place even though it had problems that were similar to those detected in the actual ChatGPT. Many respectable engineers may be now paying for their early mistakes. An Apple spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that Blix Inc. can only appeal the denial through the App Review Board at this time.

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