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Sundar Pichai snubs criticism and asserts that Google is AI-native and essential to ongoing transformation.

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Image credit : Business Today Sundar Pichai affirmed his remarks from the keynote during his first engagement following the most recent Google I/O conference. According to the Google CEO, artificial intelligence is a platform revolution that will affect virtually every field, business, and facet of daily life. The head of Google said that all of the most recent advancements in AI were made possible by the search engine. According to him, the transition occurred in a similar way during the emergence of personal computers, the Internet, and the smartphone craze. He claimed that it was a huge shift with this idea. Pichai stated that AI is the most significant technology that mankind has ever developed while speaking on Nilay Patel's podcast Decoder for The Verge. The 50-year-old stated that one of those more profound transformations is what he sees as the AI wave.

A deeper change

[caption id="attachment_171147" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]google-io-ai-search Image credit : Search Engine Journal[/caption] “…I view it as one of those deeper shifts that way. It’s tough to find the right words, but I view it as… Even as an industry, like a very traditional industry, you wouldn’t say the internet affected healthcare a lot. Did it affect healthcare? I’m not fully sure. But with AI, I’m like, it’s going to affect healthcare a lot over time. Along those terms, I think there’s a deeper meaning to the word “platform shift” here, as well,” he was heard saying. Pichai responded that the new Search Generative Experience that Google has been working on delivering to Google Labs was his fave generative AI feature on Google products when asked what was his favorite. According to Pichai, it is Google's most popular product, and the opportunity to improve it through evolution is one of the most thrilling product challenges. He said that he was quite thrilled about it and that his staff had accepted the task head-on.

On risks to Google

Pichai responded that Google was in its seventh year as an organization that put artificial intelligence (AI) first when asked if he saw a risk for the company in the wake of the "platform shift." He added that all of the most recent advancements were made possible because Google teams had a natural understanding of how to employ AI products. He claimed that Google is an AI native. The Google CEO claimed that the company is heavily involved in AI and that it is both clear about what it is providing to the rest of the world as well as how to build its own goods.Google & Microsoft “All these shifts are disruptive, but I look at the scale and size of the opportunity ahead with AI, and I feel like we have worked. We’ve invested so deeply in AI for a while, and we have clarity of not just building AI in our products, clearly providing it to the rest of the world. And we have planned for that from the very beginning. So it makes me excited about this moment,” Pichai was heard saying.

Criticism and delusions

When questioned about the criticism of Google and the claim that OpenAI and Microsoft were the ones that actually started the platform change, Pichai countered that Google's work on transformers was mostly responsible for the move. Also read : Pichai said that Google will add conversational AI features to its search engine. When questioned about his thoughts on hallucinations and mistakes, Pichai responded that context was crucial. He gave an example of this by suggesting it was improper to have hallucinations while looking for treatment. While it is acceptable to occasionally receive incorrect answers when one is merely trying to write a song or lyric. The Google CEO stated that while it takes time, the business is making headway with the hallucinations issue as it relates to search.
“…we’ve made progress on the hallucination problem in the context of Search by grounding it, corroborating what we do there with our ranking work. It just takes time,” he said.

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