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Supercars Collector Tours The Audrain Collection Of 450 Vehicles

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Supercars Collector Tours The Audrain Collection Of 450 Vehicles-GadgetAny
An overabundance of classic cars distracts this barn find YouTuber

Shmee150, a YouTuber, is no stranger to the world of supercars and exotic vehicles. He has an outstanding collection of some of the finest automobiles ever. In light of this, he utilizes his most recent film to take viewers on a breathtaking tour of some of the vintage vehicles and other automotive gems housed in the Audrain Collection. She has exclusive access to a gathering of more than 450 autos dispersed over several places.

Entering Porsche Heaven, Shmee Shmee quickly pans through the never-ending line of drool-worthy Porsches as the video gets underway. He immediately scans the selections, citing famous specimens like a Shark Blue 992 GT3 and a Carrera RSR from the 1970s.

Supercars Collector Tours The Audrain Collection Of 450 Vehicles

He points out notable Porsches one after another, so viewers have to pay attention. Her presentation about these legendary supercars and racers is astounding, even for the well-versed enthusiast, whether he did his homework or already had the knowledge. The 911s receive most of the focus, but we also see a 918 Weissach Edition and an iconic 356.

Additional Eye Candy for Auto Enthusiasts on YouTube/Shmee150 Without missing a beat, Shmee moves on to other incredible vehicles. He draws attention to one of only 250 McLaren 620Rs produced. It’s positioned between a 12C Spider and a 720S coupe. Interestingly, all of these McLarens have an orange or yellow hue that makes them stick out.

But just as you begin to believe that is all (or wonder if Shmee will ever stop talking), he shifts to a pair of stunning Lamborghinis. An Aventador Ultimate Roadster painted in a Diablo 30th Anniversary lavender appears more appropriate for the racetrack or an Alpine road than a museum. A Huracán STO that is painted Verde Citra next door is just as gorgeous.

Supercars Collector Tours The Audrain Collection Of 450 Vehicles

However, the surrounding Ferraris, notably a scarlet 330 and a black Enzo, easily eclipse these impressive Lamborghinis.

A Collection That Is Amazingly Diverse Via YouTube/Shmee150 While on the tour, Shmee notices three gleaming Bugatti supercars—two Veyrons and a Chiron Sport—while driving by. There are, however, nearby simpler examples that can nonetheless draw attention. We catch a peek of a 1963 split-window Corvette parked between a convertible BMW E46 M3 and an original Shelby GT500. Even a Pontiac Solstice with 5,000 miles is included in the collection.

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