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Swap Robotics Creates World's First 100% Electric Cutting Deck

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According to sources, Swap Robotics manufactures environmentally friendly outdoor work equipment. The company will concentrate its efforts over the coming years on developing and enabling robots to maintain over 1,000 acres of utility-scale solar farms' grass and plants with a 100% electric cutting deck. Their secondary objective is clearing snow from sidewalks. Additionally, when utility-scale solar installations proved to be difficult, the company modified its plans from developing a robotic cutting solution for sports fields. Furthermore, cutting solar plants is difficult because it requires a unique cutting deck that can fit below sun panels. In addition, the usage of equipment fueled by gas or diesel and the high expenses involved present further difficulties. Swap Robotics Moreover, the robots from Swap Robotics come with built-in hydraulics that moves the grass-cutting blades. The attachments incorporate a "quick swap" technology that makes switching attachments simpler and faster. Additionally, users can change their batteries in about five minutes, enabling continuous use. On another note, Swap Robotics claims to have created the world's first cutting deck that is entirely electric and can access the grass and plants growing underneath solar panels. Additionally, they assert creating the world's first 100 percent electric "rough cut" deck, capable of swiftly removing vegetation with a diameter of up to two inches. Swap Robotics What's more Swap Robotics is in the process of launching a batch of 10 new robots and currently has numerous robots operating in the business sector in Texas. The company also ordered supplies for the next batch of ten robots. By identifying a gap in the industry and addressing it, Swap Robotics is also expanding the potential customer base for its product. Besides, there is a genuine demand for equipment that can complete the same duty more affordably, effectively, and sustainably. Their robots have been doing an excellent job thus far, and sales have been increasing steadily. In addition, they demonstrated that their approach is significantly superior to the present one. Swap Robotics Additionally, they are entering a brand-new market with the potential to take the lead because of the increasing need for renewable energy. In other news, Swap Robotics also intends to penetrate another new market that is currently underserved - snow plowing. Currently, people remove snow manually with a shovel or snow blower, which is costly, risky, and can result in worker accidents. Besides, solar farms are at risk of losing thousands of dollars in revenue when snowfall disrupts their operation. However, snow plowing enables operations to be carried out more easily and safely.

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