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T-Mobile’s to acquire Mint Mobile For $1.35 billion

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Image Credit: Crypto News In a cash-and-stock deal that could be worth $1.35 billion, T-Mobile will acquire Mint Mobile, which is partially owned by actor Ryan Reynolds. Ka'ena Corporation was bought by T-Mobile. It will grant it access to wholesaler Plum, Mint, and Ultra Mobile in addition to the low-cost wireless provider. The brands, which already utilize T-Mobile's network, will be managed as a separate business unit. Ryan Reynolds Image Credit: Metro Ryan Reynolds, an actor, and Mint Mobile co-owner should be pleased. The statement from Reynolds read We are so happy T-Mobile beat out an aggressive last-minute bid from my mom Tammy Reynolds, as we believe the excellence of their 5G network will provide a better strategic fit than my mom's slightly above-average mahjong skills. Reynolds also released a most hilarious acquisition video. The world saw the announcement by a wireless carrier Wednesday, that it would be acquiring the brands' sales, marketing, digital, and customer service operations. It intends to expand its brands, and provide more U.S. customers with competitive pricing, and a larger selection of devices by utilizing its distribution network and supplier connections. Customers are always looking for affordable products. Telefónica US Inc. stated that Mint and Ultra Mobile are complementary to its current prepaid services, Metro by T-Mobile, T-Mobile branded prepaid, and connect by T-Mobile. Read More: T-Mobile is still the US’s fastest 5G provider: Ookla’s Q4 2022 Report. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert stated that the company intends to support Mint's already prosperous digital direct-to-consumer business. Reynolds will continue to work for Mint while also managing his Welsh soccer team and appearing in vulgar superhero films. Furthermore, Mint will continue to function within T-Mobile as a separate division.

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