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How To Become a Pro in Google Maps – Features You Must Know

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How To Become a Pro in Google Maps – Features You Must Know-GadgetAny
Become a Pro in Google Maps

First released in February 2005, Google Maps has seen numerous updates adding to its features for the last 17 years. On the one hand, people use some features of Google Maps in their day-to-day lives. On the other hand, however, Google Maps still possesses hidden talents and tools. Additionally, these hidden functions are beneficial. Here are some of them 

Guide to Google Maps

1. Develop a personal map

Interestingly, users can create maps of their own through Google Maps. To do that, open Google Maps on a PC. After that, click on the menu button in the left corner and open Your places. Next, go across to Maps and select Create Map at the bottom of this tab.

Become a Pro in Google Maps

After that, users can start placing markers on places they’d like to visit. The layout is different and seems complicated at first, but users can learn it quickly. Additionally, creating a personal map on Google Maps is fantastic. And this is especially true if a user is planning trips to places they have never visited before. Besides, users can also place markers and sort them into different groups to save time and get the most out of the trip. Furthermore, a Share option allows users to add family or friends as collaborators to the map. Thus, everyone can highlight places they wish to visit and share with the others in the group. 

2. Track friends

One of the Google Maps features allows a user can track a friend. For instance, sharing a location on the Maps can direct a user to that friend. All one needs to do is open Google Maps on their phone. After that, tap on the Profile Picture and choose Location Sharing from the menu. Then, select Share Location, and Google Maps will open up contacts. Lastly, users need to select a contact they want to share their location with. 

Become a Pro in Google Maps

However, a user might have to change their location settings for this tool to work. Additionally, a user sharing their location allows a person to see their live update. But only for the duration the user has set to share their details. Interestingly, that person can also view the user’s remaining battery. Lastly, a user can turn off the sharing by opening Google Maps and selecting the stop button in the bottom right corner. 

3. Don’t miss the last bus home.

The most interesting hidden Google Maps features tell a user the latest possible time public transport is available. So, to find out the last train or bus home, go to Google Maps. After that, enter the start and destination location and select public transport. Then, select the Leave now option next to a down arrow. Here, options like Depart atArrive by, and Last available will appear. Tap on the last one. Google Maps will provide a list of the last possible trains or buses. 

However, the data offered by Maps may not always be up-to-date. So, there are chances of last-minute service cancellations. Therefore, use the time of the last train or bus and look for transport options before that. 

4. Find wheelchair-accessible routes.

Become a Pro in Google Maps

Google Maps doos always show routes accessible by all people, especially those in wheelchairs. However, if users travel by public transport, they can open Options in Google Maps. After that, select wheelchair accessible. Thus, the route and arrival time changes accordingly. However, this feature depends on third parties to update their accessibility information in Google. Although it is not perfect, knowing how long a journey will take is still beneficial. 

5. Offline Google Maps

Another of the Google Maps features enables users to use the app without Wi-Fi if they are prepared from ahead. To do that, open Google Maps on an iPhone or Android phone. Next, tap the profile picture and select Offline maps from the menu, and maps already downloaded appear. Additionally, users can also choose – Select Your Own Map. After that, users can highlight the area they want offline by moving around on the map. Then, after selecting it, hit download and enjoy an offline Google Maps. 

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