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Tesla Cybertruck Gets a Release Date, Might Hit the Roads This Year

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Tesla Cybertruck Gets a Release Date, Might Hit the Roads This Year-GadgetAny
Tesla Cybertruck

In the earnings call for Q2, Tesla CEO Elon Musk disclosed that the Cybertruck might start to hit the roads in the “middle of next year.” Tesla first introduced the Cybertruck, its battery-powered electric pickup, in 2019, showcasing the giant EV’s oddly-shaped design. Initially, the automaker had said to begin the production for Cybertruck in late 2021. But then, Tesla delayed it to 2022. In addition, Musk revealed in January that the production of Cybertruck will now start in 2023. He said that the all-electric truck would “hopefully” come next year. Thus, the latest news gives a much more specific timeline than that. 

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Cybertruck flaunts an angular, futuristic design, something right out of a sci-fi movie or like an early video game model. Tesla revealed having faced problems making its design safe for real-world use. In fact, back in 2021, one of Musk’s tweets revealed he was concerned about the EV’s windshield wiper. The windshield wiper in Cybertruck right now is a single giant arm. It is meant to clean off the whole windshield in one stroke. 

Tesla Cybertruck

Furthermore, there are video leaks of the Cybertruck driving on test tracks. In addition, there was a video leak earlier this year featuring a prototype unit. Besides, Musk did not divulge details on what more Tesla has left to do to launch Cybertruck on the roads. 

But, Cybertruck isn’t the only Tesla vehicle facing delays due to production issues. Tesla faced production problems even with existing Model S, X, 3, and Y in recent months. The reason is the repeated shutdowns of its factory in Shanghai, China, due to Covid-19. In addition, Tesla claimed that this was also why they saw a drop in production in Q2. 

Musk stated that “Tesla does not have a demand problem. We have a production problem.” Meanwhile, the company’s rivals – Ford and Rivian, have already launched their electric pickups. Ford even claims to manufacture around 150,000 ‘F-150 Lightning’ in 2023. 

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