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Tesla Employees Not to Complain About the Full Self-Driving Beta Test

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Tesla Employees Not to Complain About the Full Self-Driving Beta Test-GadgetAny
Tesla Employees

Over the past few days, Elon musk berated a Tesla driver who pointed out a seeming glitch in the automaker’s full-self-driving software. Elon Musk told a Tesla driver to stop complaining after Locke, a California-based chief executive at the software company, posted videos to Twitter showing instances of the FSD struggling to make right turns and lane changes. Elon Musk criticized the Tesla owner who posted videos to Twitter that shows the new beta of the system, touted as full self-driving, sometimes struggling with right turns and other essential tasks. Tesla CEO Elon Musk told a Tesla owner to stop complaining after posting videos on Twitter showing her Tesla working with making right turns and changing lanes when using the company’s full self-driving software.    

Tesla Employees


A Tesla customer posted a series of Tuesday on Twitter showing how the Tesla new, beta version of its full-self-driving 10.69 services had trouble making turn signals, changing lanes, and other essential tasks. When a Tesla owner publicly criticized the latest beta software update for the FSD, Elon Musk fired back through Twitter. Unfortunately, Elon Musk has not taken well to the latest criticisms of Teslas beta FSD software – a soon-to-be $15,000 updated version of his Advanced Driver Assistance System, which the CEO promises one day to bring fully self-driving capabilities.   

Elon Musk does not seem eager to listen to complaints about Teslas’ more advanced driver-assistance software, but countering the criticism may not be the best way to improve Tesla’s self-driving system. Elon Musk announced last weekend that Tesla would begin charging an additional $3000 for fully self-driving, a feature that still requires active supervision and does not turn the company’s vehicles into fully autonomous vehicles. On Sunday, Elon Musk said that Tesla is raising the price of its optional FSD feature to $15,000 in North America. 

Tesla Employees


Tesla has since been criticized for opening beta testing to non-professional drivers on public roads. Still, according to The Los Angeles Times, Elon Musk has made no comments about a recent discovery of FSD-related crashes. Additionally, earlier this year, according to a LA Times report, the California Department of Motor Vehicles filed two complaints claiming that Tesla made untrue or misleading statements regarding its beta testing of Full Self-Driving.    

Tesla has also included direct feedback from users about trying to do some of the left turns an early tester did in a Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta version of its latest beta update. This iteration of the FSD Beta was released at the end of May. It brought several improvements that brought Tesla closer to its goal of entirely having the company’s full self-driving software take over driving tasks. All of the gains coming in with FSD Beta 10.69 makes this an excellent finish to Tesla’s efforts in building Level 5 fully autonomous software. 

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