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Tesla got a Dedicated Lane on the US-Mexico Border

Bloomberg reported that you would find a Tesla logo while going to Mexico from the US. The reason is that Tesla has a dedicated lane at the US-Mexico border. There was a deal between Elon musk and Pro-business states in Mexico; however, the agreement’s details are still undercover.

Ivan Rivas, who is the economy minister of Nuevo Leon, said that they want a crossing that is efficient and expedited. There is hope to see other companies get their lanes in the future. He also informed that there is no lane for passenger vehicles on US northbound side, so it seems that Tesla is offering special treatment on the Mexican side of the border crossing. 

Musk relocated its headquarters from Palo Alto, California, to Autin, Texas, in 2021. It seems that Tesla was facing performance issues; that is the reason this relocation took place. Also, Elon Musk asked permission for an underground build and a private transportation tunnel beneath the facility. Although, it would be early to comment about anything since the deal’s details are still unclear.

Before this deal Tesla’s Owner Elon Musk also tried to buy Twitter. However, after everything was going according to the plan, Elon Musk had to cancel the deal at last.

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