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Tesla Sentry Mode Puts Down the Model S Fire! It appears that the battery is not to blame

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Tesla Model S fire vs 35 firefighters – watch impressive operation after a high-speed crash (Image credit- Electrek)

A serious fire event in Spokane, Washington, which resulted in the destruction of a Model S car, was resolved by the Tesla Sentry Mode. Authorities initially believed that the fire catastrophe was caused by a malfunctioning EV battery. Sentry Mode video, on the other hand, provided proof that it wasn't. Although there is currently no evidence that electric cars are involved in more fire accidents than gasoline vehicles, Tesla EV fire incidents are widely criticized. Due to this, the Spokane Police Department initially came to the conclusion that the fire incident was caused by the Model S battery. Sentry Mode, nevertheless, proved that they were mistaken. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Tesla Sentry Cam Video Reveals Model S Fire Was Arson, Not Battery-Related | When police first saw the burned-down Model S, they said EVs “tend to” catch on fire. : r/teslamotors Image credit- Reddit[/caption] The owner of the torched Tesla Model S, Harrold Harriston, reportedly received information from SPD on the cause of the EV's fire, according to the most recent reports. According to police officials, EVs frequently catch fire. Harriston, however, disagreed with their viewpoint. Fortunately, he was able to obtain the footage that his EV's Sentry Mode had taken before it caught fire. The video showed that Harriston's Tesla Model S was genuinely filled with fuel by a man. The criminal then lit the car on fire. "I can't see ever wanting to set something on fire for political or other reasons. I just. I don't understand it, the EV owner said. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Tesla Model S battery caught on fire 'without accident', says owner - Tesla is investigating | Electrek Image credit- Electrek[/caption] Harriston was able to persuade SPD that the fire event was actually an arson by using the footage. Numerous reports claimed that because of Elon Musk, Tesla EVs are frequently the target of aggressive driving and other negative behaviors. It's unclear, though, if Harriston's Model S was destroyed for this precise reason. The Spokane Police Department is currently looking into the event as of this writing. Also read: Tesla Model 3 Prices Drop, but Model S and X Prices Stay the Same It is crucial to turn on Sentry Mode for this reason. You can achieve this by following the instructions below:
  • Enable Dashcam while your car is in the park by going to Controls > Safety > Dashcam.
  • Controls through touch > Security > Sentry Mode > On. The Controls tab's Sentry Mode symbol changes to red after being enabled.

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