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Tesla’s AI Day Robot Will Have to Work Hard To Win Over the Crowd: Report

Tesla AI Robot

The Tesla Bot, also known as Elon Musk’s Optimus robot, is anticipated to debut this Friday. 

The response from experts was skepticism when Musk stated in August last year that Tesla was working on general-purpose robots capable of tackling “unsafe, repetitive, or monotonous” activities. 

Will Jackson, CEO of the robotics firm Engineered Arts, tells The Verge that fundamental robotics technological gaps still need to be closed before anything is developed to a “human level.”

According to Jackson, one such issue is the absence of artificial muscle comparable to biological muscle.

The robot is planned to be humanoid and bipedal, standing 5’8″ and weighing 125lbs, with a carrying capacity of 45lbs and a walking speed of 5mph, according to the draught specifications from last year. 

According to Musk, the robot would be able to complete manufacturing tasks currently performed by people by using the same Autopilot cameras and algorithms that Tesla uses in its cars to traverse the world. Naturally, it will be “friendly” as well.

Musk stated that the Tesla Bot would be able to obey orders in the real world during the launch of the device. 

According to Musk, in “less than 10 years,” you’ll be able to purchase your own Tesla Bot.

The Tesla CEO has also made precise forecasts regarding the robot. He predicted that Tesla would have “interesting prototypes this year” and “may have something usable next year” or “very likely within two years” in an interview in April.

Additionally, he predicted that people would be able to purchase their own Tesla Bot to help around the house in “less than 10 years” and that the price would eventually be “less than a car.”

So, put the year 2032 on your calendar for the year you’ll discover a Tesla Bot under the tree.

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