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Testing of the Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger in the US Has Begun, Enabling Other EVs to Charge

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In the US, testing of Tesla's first Supercharger with Magic Dock has started, enabling non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) to recharge their batteries (US). The Elon Musk-led company has been allowing non-Tesla EV owners in Europe to use its Supercharger network for a while now. And this time, it has started doing so in the continent of North America. In the US, testing of Tesla's first Magic Dock supercharger has begun. According to a recent Electrek story, the manufacturer of electric vehicles has begun adding Magic Docks to one of its Superchargers in the US. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Tesla begins testing Magic Dock-equipped Superchargers for non-Tesla EVs in  U.S. Image credit- Teslarati[/caption] According to the online news source, the Musk-owned EV manufacturer plans to open its doors to non-Tesla users by the end of 2022, just like the Supercharging network in Europe did. Nevertheless, the Supercharger network in the US had not yet started offering charging services to owners of other vehicles as we rang in the new year. According to the reports, it is a little trickier in North America than it is in Europe to make the Tesla charging network accessible to other electric vehicle manufacturers. The Musk-led EV manufacturer has a CCS connector that is already available in the European market and supports other automakers. The US-based Superchargers, on the other hand, use a Tesla-exclusive connector, making it impossible for owners of other EVs to top off their batteries there. The massive auto manufacturer would need to switch to a new connector or adaptor in order to open its doors to everyone else. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Tesla agrees to double supercharger network, open to all EVs under Biden's  $7.5B charging plan | TechCrunch Image credit- TechCrunch[/caption] And right now, Tesla is testing a strategy to make its Supercharger network accessible to the remaining North American EV owners. The electric vehicle manufacturer began working on the concept by adding a "Magic Dock" to one of its Supercharger locations in the US. A Rivian R1T electric pickup truck has been sighted charging at the first Tesla Supercharger station with the "Magic Dock" as a result, according to a report. Also read: Tesla shares its EV charging connector design Tesla aims to establish itself as the new norm in America by According to the reports, Tesla has figured out a way to let other EV owners use its North American Supercharger network to power their all-electric vehicles. The Magic Dock's CCS connector can be used by non-Tesla EV owners by unlocking it with the Tesla app. It should then convert the Tesla Supercharger connector into a CCS adaptor as a result.

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