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The ‘Absurd’ App Store Rules Are a Massive Concern for Executives,Twitter and Spotify Are Competing Against Apple

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The ‘Absurd’ App Store Rules Are a Massive Concern for Executives,Twitter and Spotify Are Competing Against Apple-GadgetAny
The 'Absurd' App Store Rules

Apple vs. Everyone: Why Rivals Are Sharpening Knives (Image credit- The Hollywood Reporter)

Twitter and Spotify are taking the same stance against Apple, namely in regard to a regulation that has recently been implemented in the App Store and is focused on restricting the number of users who identify themselves as content creators.

Twitter just released a new feature called “Subscriptions,” via which influencers have the opportunity to increase their earnings by keeping specific material unique to the new feature and requiring users to pay in order to access more of it.

Elon Musk indicated that it may not instantly roll out for iPhone users since it may be subject to vetting and clearance from Apple before appearing for each developer. This was said when it launched earlier today.

Spotify and Twitter are two of the most recent corporations to speak out against the restrictions that Apple has implemented for the App Store. Specifically, these companies are objecting to the fact that Apple takes a 30 percent commission on each and every in-app transaction.

We need app store competition, not Apple's 1960s-style paternalistic  monopoly | TechCrunch
Image credit- TechCrunch

Apple’s policy must be approved before Twitter’s new Subscription feature can be made available to content creators. Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, believes that Apple’s regulation is ludicrous because it scales every content provider on Twitter when using the feature.

Now that Twitter has released its Subscriptions feature, which enables content creators to earn additional income from every user who has subscribed to their material on the network, the topic of the App Store commission has once more returned to the forefront of public attention.

Twitter has said that it will provide one hundred percent of the cash collected from subscriptions for the first year of the feature; however, it is unknown how the commission charged by the App Store will affect this distribution of revenue.

Apple’s Guidelines for the App Store
Companies like Spotify and Epic Games are challenging Apple’s domination over the market for app distribution by questioning the App Store commission, which has been a contentious issue in the technology sector for a considerable amount of time.

In the year 2020, Spotify took Apple to court, accusing the tech giant of engaging in anticompetitive behavior and filing an antitrust case against Apple with the European Commission. The focus of the case was on the thirty percent commission, which Spotify contended was unfairly placed on businesses that were in direct competition with Apple Music.

Apple's App Store policies are bad, but its interpretation and enforcement  are worse - The Verge
Image credit- The Verge

It is likely that Apple’s competitors or clients who utilize its services to bring their programs to iOS consumers will continue to find fault with the company over the issue of the App Store commission.

Apple has claimed in response to criticism that the commission fee is necessary to cover the costs of maintaining the App Store and providing developers with access to a huge user base that is actively engaged. This is Apple’s reaction to the criticism that has been leveled against the company.

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On the other hand, as more businesses, such as Twitter and Spotify, speak out against this strategy, it is uncertain whether Apple will be compelled to rethink its attitude as a result of these developments.

Twitter and Spotify are two companies that have been vocal about their worries regarding the App Store restrictions that affect the Subscription function. The Cupertino company is currently facing a huge pushback on its App Store guidelines.


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