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The All-in-One Solution for Tech-Savvy People Is WonderCube Pro, Currently Available for $39.95

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WonderCube Pro Is the All-in-One Solution for Tech-Savvy People, Now Available for $39.95. (Image credit- Tech Times) For tech-savvy folks who are tired of lugging about various accessories and dealing with tangled cords, the WonderCube Pro is the finest solution. With eight necessary smartphone tools packed into a tiny, one-inch-long box, this all-in-one gadget is a remarkable wonder. You can easily charge your device and transfer files while on the road with the help of the built-in foldout flexible USB cord, which measures 1 inch and expands to 3 inches. With Apple Lightning, Type-C, and MicroUSB ports, the WonderCube Pro offers universal connectivity, making it the perfect choice for users of various devices. The item has a USB outlet for rapid charging and a connector that is gold-plated. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"]WonderCube Pro: All-In-One Mobile Keyring | Tecmint Image credit- Tecmint[/caption] The micro-suction cups plate quickly attaches to and detaches from the back of your phone, offering the best viewing angle for video playback or phone calls. The WonderCube Pro also includes an integrated micro-SD card reader that supports cards with up to 128GB of capacity, making file storage and transfer simple. Because it can also be used as an OTG USB, it is the perfect flash drive for Android users. The device also serves as an emergency charger; all you need is a 9V battery to recharge it and provide your phone with up to 2 or 3 hours of speaking time. A great bonus that offers illumination anytime you need it is the LED torch feature. Polycarbonate, aluminum, and ABS were used to make the WonderCube Pro, giving it strength and durability. You may start using it right away because it comes with a Type-C adapter, an Apple Lightning adaptor, a metal keyring, and a handbook. Also, the maker offers a 90-day warranty, so you can shop with confidence. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Put this 8-in-1 Smartphone Accessory on Your Keyring for just $39.95 Image credit- TechRepublic[/caption] Normally retail stores charge $70 for the WonderCube Pro All-in-One Mobile Keyring, but for a short period of time only, you can get this brilliant product from the Mashable Shop for the discounted price of $39.95. Discounts on Wireless Chargers Right now, Anker, the industry leader in mobile charging solutions, sells power banks, cables, and chargers. Anker's PowerCore 40K portable battery, which has a significantly higher capacity and can charge a phone, laptop, and tablet, is present $56 off. The Anker Nano II 45W USB-C Charger is worth a look. With the help of Samsung Super Fast Charging, you can fully charge your Samsung Galaxy smartphones with this little charger. At home, at business, or in school, Lumi's 4-in-1 LED desk lamp with a wireless charger can help you stay up all night. You can accomplish activities and stay comfortable at the same time with this LED lamp when you combine wireless charging and other features.

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