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Apple VR/AR Headset Is Reportedly On The Way

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Apple VR/AR Headset Is Reportedly On The Way-GadgetAny
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According to the sources, Apple is teaming up with Hollywood directors to create video content for its upcoming augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality(VR) headset.

Apple has been collaborating with Jon Favreau, one of the Hollywood director, to produce mixed-reality material for Apple TV+’s Prehistoric Planet series.

A new report claims about the delayed launch of Apple’s AR/VR headset that not everyone at Apple has been supportive of the upcoming headset, and the two members of the industrial design are said to have left the company as a result. However, the recent rumors says Apple’s headset is anticipated to launch in 2023 due to battery life and performance issues. 

Moreover, the fresh speculations have given way to the narrative that Apple will go big on AR and VR for WWDC 2022, to give developers an opportunity to create apps for a headset launch later in 2022. However, the news is in the air that Apple’s AR/VR headset may not make an appearance at Apple’s Annual WWDC, and the reason behind this is that Apple may shift its focus towards software instead. 

AR headset

Apple hasn’t confirmed the appearance of the headset, but the device will likely be capable of offering both virtual reality and virtual overlays, made to look like a part of the real world.

Additionally, like the Oculus Quest 2 or PSVR 2, Apple’s supposed to launch the best VR headsets around. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has called the area of AR “critically important” and one of “very few profound technologies.

Moreover, Apple is coming up with a toolkit for developers to add camera and voice functionality to their apps, Enabling hands-free control ahead of the headset’s arrival.

The RealityOS name was spotted in a trademark filing for “wearable computer hardware”, which is presuming the operating system that the headset will use. Reportedly, last month, Apple’s board of directors went to try out the mixed reality headset for themselves.

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