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The Autonomous Function of the Lotus Eletre Might Be Even More Impressive Than That of the Tesla FSD

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The Autonomous Function of the Lotus Eletre Might Be Even More Impressive Than That of the Tesla FSD-GadgetAny
Lotus Eletre

Lotus Eletre SUV revealed with hidden self-driving tech Tesla doesn’t use (Image credit- Fox News)

As stated by the British automobile manufacturer, the Lotus Eletre’s autonomous function has the potential to become superior to that of the Tesla FSD.

As of the time of this writing, Tesla electric vehicles, particularly the Tesla Model Y, are regarded as having the most advanced autonomous system available on the market.

Tesla’s FSD, which stands for “Full Self-Driving,” is, of course, being challenged by a number of automakers. General Motors and Ford are two examples of these companies. Now, another rival company is working towards defeating the Tesla FSD. Lotus Cars is a manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

The tech inside the new Lotus Eletre EV hints at autonomous driving  ambitions | TechCrunch
Image credit- TechCrunch

According to the most recent reports, Lotus Cars asserted that the autonomous driving capabilities of the Lotus Eletre would be superior to those of the Tesla FSD.

The manufacturer of automobiles has stated that their autonomous driving technology would be capable of reaching Level 4 autonomy, also known as “mind-off” autonomy.

The chief executive officer of Lotus’ robotics section, Li Bo, has stated that he favors a “hands-off” approach. This means that they want their electric vehicles to function without any assistance from human drivers.

As this article is being written, the Lotus Eletre has already undergone testing. The results of a number of these tests demonstrated that the electric SUV is capable of driving over 120 miles in a variety of conditions without any assistance from drivers.

The goal of Lotus Cars is to extend this range to more than 62,000 miles without the need for human intervention. But how will Lotus Cars be able to accomplish this?

Autonomous | Carscoops
Image credit- Carscoops

Important for Achieving Level 4 Autonomy
Lotus Cars are of the opinion that the incorporation of LiDAR sensors is necessary in order to achieve Level 4 autonomy in their vehicles.

Many people who are interested in technology believe that LiDAR is the most promising sensor-based technology that could be used in autonomous vehicles. They went on to say that LiDAR is believed to be the fundamental component of autonomous driving. Tesla, on the other hand, is opposed to this concept.

In 2021, Tesla made the announcement that, in order to cut expenses, it would remove LiDAR sensors from its electric vehicles. The electric vehicle manufacturer made the executive decision to provide driver assistance primarily through the use of cameras rather than radar.

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In addition to this, it was stated by MakeUseOf that Tesla plans to eliminate LiDAR sensors from its FSD in order to simplify the design and make it simpler. You can discover more about the reasoning for Tesla’s switch to camera-based sensors by clicking here.

In other news, the all-new Nissan Arizon electric SUV is getting closer and closer to making its premiere somewhere in the world. In addition to this, we informed our readers that the BMW Digital Car Key Plus is now accessible on mobile devices that run Android.


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