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How To Exercise with Apple Fitness+ The Best way 

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How To Exercise with Apple Fitness+ The Best way -GadgetAny
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After the latest pandemic forced gyms to close down, people were prompted to adopt home workout routines. Hence, many app developers and creators on various platforms have tried to make home workouts fun for people. Plus, who wouldn’t love a bit of stressing down while sweating out. Thus, Apple Fitness+ plans to add a new workout routine featuring Artists and their songs. Additionally, the name of the latest feature is Artist Spotlight, and it will consist of some famous artists’ songs and their choreography. One such artist is the popular South Korean boy band BTS, aka the Bangtan Boys. 

Apple Fitness+ will partner with BTS to include the Kpop group’s choreography and songs in its app. Although unorthodox, this move by Apple will inspire people to work out more religiously while enjoying the music of their favorite artists. Besides that, they will get access to the songs’ choreography taught by dance instructors. Apart from BTS, Apple Fitness+ will also include other known artists and music of various genres. Therefore, users will get a new lineup and list of routines on the Apple Fitness+ app that leans on the creative side. 

The reason why dancing is an excellent form of workout

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise as it engages all the muscles of a person’s body. Additionally, it requires extensive training and practice for an ideal workout routine, either individually or in a group. Hence, it is an excellent creative alternative to the gym for people intending to include a workout session in their daily routine. 

Interestingly, Apple encourages customers with Apple Watch to participate in a global event called “International Dance Day” every year. Thus, including the Artist Spotlight feature in the Apple Fitness+ is quite frankly an excellent move by the company.

Moreover, Apple Fitness+ will start rolling out this feature in the coming week. Some of the BTS songs that the Artist Spotlight will include are listed here –

  • Butter ft. Megan Thee Stallion
  • Dynamite
  • Boy With Luv ft. Halsey
  • DNA
  • MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
  • Permission to Dance
  • Life Goes On
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