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The Bugatti second model line will feature a more practical vehicle

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For more than ten years, Bugatti has debated the idea of launching a second, more helpful model line. In 2009, the brand even hinted at a prospective sedan with the Galibier 16C concept. Former CEO Stephan Winkelmann focused Bugatti's attention on a second model line of battery-powered SUVs during his tenure as CEO. However, events have changed after Bugatti's merging with Rimac's hypercar section last fall to form the new company Bugatti Rimac, which Rimac CEO and founder Mate Rimac run. The Bugatti second model line will feature a more practical vehicle Achim Anscheidt, the design director of Bugatti, stated in an interview with Autocar that the company is now worried that a more usable, higher production model may lessen Bugatti's uniqueness. Always thought about what a second model line would be, he claimed. But at one point, we also wondered, "Are you beginning to sell out the brand?" Anscheidt didn't entirely reject the notion, though. Instead, he claimed that to maintain some balance between the two, Bugatti would need to make the hypercar line even more exclusive if it were to introduce a model with more significant volume sales. The Bugatti second model line will feature a more practical vehicle In 2016, Wolfgang Duerheimer, Winkelmann's predecessor, disclosed that four alternatives were on the table for Bugatti's second model line: a sedan, SUV, more affordable supercar, and electric vehicle. A high-riding Bugatti makes a lot of sense given the trend toward SUVs, with even Ferrari introducing one earlier in September in the form of the Purosangue. Mate Rimac stated there wouldn't be a Bugatti SUV or EV within the next ten years in an interview published earlier in September, giving Bugatti plenty of time to decide. Although the existing quad-turbo 8.0-liter W-16 engine that debuted with the Veyron won't continue, he has previously stated that Bugatti is concentrating on hybrid powertrains for its future. As a result, the Mistral roadster debuted in August and is the last model to include the engine.

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