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The Bumblebee robot has the ability to dance, execute kicks, and recover from a fall autonomously.

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Image credit : The Pop Insider After the remarkable launch of the self-transforming Optimus Prime by Robosen Robotics in 2021, the company has revealed a new collaboration with Hasbro for another technologically advanced Transformers robot. Meet the Bumblebee G1 Performance, your futuristic Autobot companion. Unlike the flagship Optimus Prime, the G1 Bumblebee Performance Robot doesn't undergo transformations. Nevertheless, it stands at an impressive height of almost 14 inches and incorporates 45 specially designed microchips. These microchips govern a multitude of features, including 20 pre-programmed voice commands, 69 authentic G1 sound bites narrated by the original G1 voice actor Dan Gilvezan, functional LED eyes, headlights in its feet, and 17 servo motors that facilitate motion. [caption id="attachment_191172" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]Bumblebee G1 Performance Image credit : Twitter[/caption] This is complemented by a new adaptive gait algorithm that enhances its walking capabilities. Robosen emphasizes that its "integrated 6-Axis IMU enables it to perform complex poses such as one-legged squats, side kicks, and bending over. Even if Bumblebee topples, it will autonomously regain its footing." Among the prominent additions is the 'Mini Theater' feature, enabling Bumblebee to enact your favorite plot lines on a stage while inviting other Robosen Transformers robots to participate in a multi-role spectacle. This functionality offers customizable stories and actions, allowing you to sit back and enjoy as the robots take the spotlight, infusing the show with a delightful mix of amusement and laughter. In essence, Bumblebee has the capability to engage with Robosen's Flagship and Elite Optimus Prime robots to reenact intricate Transformers scenes for entertainment. Thankfully, if you're not inclined to invest significantly in the Optimus Prime robots, there seem to be standalone Bumblebee Mini Theater options available for your enjoyment. Also read : The Robotic Transforming Grimlock represents an exceptional feat of engineering with a hefty price tag of $1,699
"We're thrilled to bring this highly anticipated robot to fans and debut our Performance Series line with Bumblebee G1 Performance," said Sean Tang, Director of Robosen USA. "Our talented team is excited to bring Mini Theater to our customers, allowing them to unleash their creativity and produce some awe-inspiring interactions with Optimus Prime."

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