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The entry-level IKEA Vappeby Bluetooth Speaker is now available for just $15

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Anyone looking for an affordable, totally waterproof speaker should consider the IKEA Vappeby portable Bluetooth speaker. It is built to perform well in damp environments and has an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating. It can be submerged in water up to one meter deep for up to thirty minutes without suffering any damage. A feature unheard of in most speakers at this price, according to the report, it also boasts an incredible eighty hours of battery life at half volume. With a choice of black, red, or yellow finishes, this little three-inch square by two-inch deep speaker will fit in almost any backpack or shower. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"]This tiny Ikea waterproof Bluetooth speaker is just $15 | Digital Trends Image credit- Digital Trends[/caption] For an even richer sound, it can be stereo-paired with another Vappeby speaker. Even while it doesn't have a USB-C charger of its own, most of us already own one, making this a more desirable option. In addition, the pricing on the official IKEA website is too low to pass up at just $15/£12/AU$22. Although it may not be the most expensive hi-fi system in town, the IKEA Vappeby is a terrific choice for a dependable and adaptable sound that won't break the budget. It is the ideal option for beach, pool, and shower parties thanks to its IP67 rating and excellent battery life. Plus, it's so inexpensive that customers might purchase more than one to take advantage of the stereo pairing feature. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="627"]Super portable Ikea waterproof Bluetooth speaker launched - Gizchina.com Image credit- Gizchina.com[/caption] The IKEA Vappeby Bluetooth speaker is a terrific option for customers looking for a cheap and cheery sound that won't let them down when it matters the most, according to a report. Also read: Affordable and Versatile: IKEA’s New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker The IKEA Vappeby outperforms even some of the top Bluetooth speakers on the market in terms of battery life with an industry-leading 80 hours of life at 50% volume. Users of this speaker can set it and forget it, banking on it to endure through a long festival weekend or to bring it to a shower party. Naturally, IKEA can't include all the features seen in other portable Bluetooth speakers with such a low price tag. The user must purchase a USB-C charger separately because the IKEA Vappeby does not come with one.  

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