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The Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch will disappear next month

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The Facebook Messenger app for Apple Watch will disappear next month-GadgetAny
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The new software has decided to abandon the Apple Watch: Meta’s Facebook Messenger. It recently gave users who had it loaded on their iPhones and the wearable notice that it was leaving.

Meta has started notifying users of this pullout without providing any explanation, and people are spreading the word on social media.

The Facebook Messenger app is scheduled to leave the Apple Watch by the end of next month, as was first reported by Review Geek, but the firm provided no other information.

One screenshot from a user who was upset by the move shows what Meta has shared as a message with its users, but it doesn’t explain why.

Facebook Messenger Is Leaving the Apple Watch
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The business stated that “After May 31st, Messenger won’t be available as an Apple Watch app, but you can still get Messenger notifications on your watch,” in the notice titled “Changes to Messenger on Apple Watch.”

According to the story, a Meta representative verified this information and added that, as of June 1, the primary ways to access Messenger on Apple devices would be through the desktop client, mobile app, and web.

The new Apple watchOS 10 will feature notable changes to the design, user interface, widgets, and more.

Although the business stated that customers may still receive notifications on their watches whenever they receive a message on their iPhones, there are currently no known reasons for this app’s removal from the Apple Watch.

It is also known that the future watchOS 10, which is scheduled to debut at WWDC 2023, will provide the most important updates for the Apple Watch. These updates are expected to center on a new user interface (UI), widgets, and possibly Cupertino’s apps rather than those from other developers.

Meta is pulling the Facebook Messenger app from the Apple Watch - PhoneArena
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Features of the Apple Watch for Owners
Tim Cook, the company’s current CEO, and the product team created the Apple Watch, which they unveiled to the public in 2015. It became one of the company’s best-selling products and served as an important attachment for the smartwatch at first, giving a linked experience, before developing into a standalone product.

The Apple Watch has undergone several changes, but one of the most important is the addition of health functions that are meant to help users track their fitness and wellness.

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But many are already speculating that the “biggest update” to the Apple Watch experience will come with the release of watchOS 10, which is scheduled to be announced this June at WWDC 2023.

Along with the device’s new apps and widgets that will put an emphasis on the renowned iPhone accessory, watchOS 10 will be focused on the user interface (UI). Many third-party apps, including Meta’s Facebook Messenger, are leaving the smartwatch in the midst of these significant adjustments for the gadget.

The causes are still unknown because there haven’t been any clear-cut justifications, although a lot of questions might be resolved by WWDC 2023.


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