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The Golden Express of Switzerland became “Shania Train”: Report

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Image Credit: Twitter There is now a name for the GoldenPass Express! In Gstaad, the GoldenPass Express, which will connect Montreux and Interlaken Ost without a change, was formally launched. The brand-new train, which Shania Twain gave its name, will depart for its first official trip on Sunday, December 11. Two platforms, two track gauges, two electrical voltages, two electrical networks, two languages, two cultures, and two railroad companies. Everything is in pairs with the GoldenPass Express. It was only fitting that two trains combined at the Gstaad station for the ceremonial opening. Shania Image Credit: Newcountry1031 Shania Twain, a well-known musician, gave one of the trains her name. The Shania Train's patron saint is a Canadian singer. Shania Twain, a native of Tour-de-Peilz, was in Los Angeles to accept the music icon award at the People's Choice Awards 2022. Additionally, she recently disclosed that her upcoming album would be released on February 3 and would be followed by an international tour. Up! can be raised from 350mm to 550mm off the ground using the new trains, which were developed by French transportation behemoth Alstom and Swiss train manufacturer Stadler in collaboration with Pininfarina. Also Read: This device is for everyone who despises flying in coach This inauguration is significant because it brings an end to more than a century of waiting for a direct connection between the two areas. Undoubtedly the conclusion of a protracted wait, and now the start of a great adventure.

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