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New Chromebook Update Might Be Loved By Professionals

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New Chromebook Update Might Be Loved By Professionals-GadgetAny
Chromebook update

Google’s recent Chromebook update involves a fantastic new innovative feature that tells users if their USB-C cable has limited functionality. USB-C cables have various functions like offering different charging and data transfer speeds on a cable-by-cable basis. Hence, the new Chromebook update can be significant in helping to troubleshoot issues. 

Google states in its blog post that “eligible” Chromebooks will notify users if their USB-C cable is not supporting displays. Interestingly, the company says users will receive a notification if the cable they’re using “doesn’t support their Chromebook’s high-performance USB4 / Thunderbolt 3 standards.” Doesn’t that sound impressive?

Furthermore, at first, only the Chromebooks with 11th or 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs will have the new update. Additionally, they should have support for USB4 or Thunderbolt. Fortunately, according to the blog post, the feature will come to “more devices” soon. 

Chromebook update

Moreover, Google knows about the challenges related to the use of USB-C cables. Benson Leung, a Google employee, highlighted them a lot with his tests and reviews, including one that damaged his Chromebook Pixel. Fortunately, the cables have since then improved significantly. But, it is still difficult to figure out which USB-C cable does what. Therefore, the new Chromebook update is an excellent addition to the device, thanks to Benson and the rest of the team. 

Besides this new feature, the latest Chromebook update includes other features too. For instance, Google is updating the split-screen magnifier feature so users can resize the magnified portion of the screen. Thus, users can choose whether they want to see more or less of the zoomed-in area. In addition, Google is rolling out the Cursive handwriting app to all the Chromebook models supporting styluses. 

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