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Latest GoDaddy Tool is Bomb, Will Change How Business Use Social Media

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Latest GoDaddy Tool is Bomb, Will Change How Business Use Social Media-GadgetAny

GoDaddy is the top web hosting and domain registration provider. Recently, it introduced a link in bio tool in its studio app to help businesses promote their websites on social media. Additionally, the new tool is free and enables GoDaddy customers to organize links in a mini-site. And it allows GoDaddy to focus on keeping business owners on-brand online.  

Additionally, various social media platforms support the latest GoDaddy link in the bio tool. The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc. In its blog post, the web hosting provider said that small business owners could connect with potential customers online in “countless” ways. It further added, “As the constellation of places a business can show up to customers grows, so does the number of links it needs to share.”

Moreover, the link in the bio tool requires no web design skills. Thus, allowing businesses to include an unlimited number of links in their social media bio. Users can also add, remove, and reorganize links in any order they want. And users can access plenty of templates, photos, fonts, content, and colors in the GoDaddy studio app. 


What’s more

GoDaddy has another new feature called Color Palette that is available only to iOS users. However, the provider assures users that it will extend its availability to Android in the coming months. 

Furthermore, GoDaddy launched the studio app in February 2022. It is a photo editing mobile app, enabling users to add text to pictures. In addition, users can even alter colors, fonts, and backgrounds to develop their own branding content right from a smartphone. Plus, the GoDaddy studio app integrates fully with the provider’s Websites and Marketing plans. Hence, it includes features for social media and email marketing. Besides that, the studio app has e-commerce platforms for selling products and services. 

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