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The Latest Version of Android Go Is on 250 Million Devices

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The Android Go edition, created for phones with less storage and memory, is now being used on more than a quarter of a billion devices per month, according to Google.  Android 13 Go, the latest version that Google unveiled on Wednesday, will need more processing power than its forerunners. Android 13 Go edition, which is based on the most recent version of Google's core OS, adds a variation of the Material You system that lets you choose between four color schemes based on your wallpaper.  Google first hailed the incorporation of richer animations when it launched Material You as a feature of Android 12 (even if the Go edition of that OS didn't contain it).  The Latest Version of Android Go Is on 250 Million Devices However, things are not included in its post on Android 13 Go; it's probable that they would be too demanding for the kinds of phones the OS is intended for. The updated version also includes Google's simplified Google Play System Updates system, which the company claims will make it easier for users to keep their phones up to date without using up a lot of storage space and will enable the company to roll out new features and security patches without the need for a full-blown phone update.  The normal OS's capabilities, such as notification permissions and the option to change an app's language, are also included in Android 13 Go. The Latest Version of Android Go Is on 250 Million Devices According to the manufacturer, new phones running Android 13 Go will start to debut in 2023. This is crucial information because it's likely that many Android Go users will need to upgrade their devices in order to use the new version.  Despite the fact that the Android 13 version would need at least 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage, Google has long advertised it as being "designed for handsets with less than 2GB of RAM." Esper editor Mishaal Rahman makes this point.  That's a substantial increase from the 1GB required for Android 11 and 12, so phones designed for the next Go version will need to be a little more powerful to support it.

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