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The Mac Studio may be discontinued by Apple after just one year

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The Mac Studio may be discontinued by Apple after just one year-GadgetAny

Despite being less than a year old, Apple’s Mac Studio may already be on its way out. According to a recent article from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple may decide to stop working on the machine altogether or may decide not to bother updating it for the foreseeable future.

Gurman expressed his opinion that a new version of the Mac Studio was unlikely to arrive “in the near future” in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter. This is due to the possibility that the Mac Studio and a future Mac Pro would have “identical in capability,” making the former relatively unnecessary.

Apple Studio Display review: nothing to see here - The Verge

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According to Gurman’s assessment, there are two main scenarios for the Mac Studio: either Apple stops making modifications to it permanently (in which case it will quickly become old), or it waits to make changes until the M3 or M4 generation of chips is released, which might be several years from now.

The future Mac Pro, according to Gurman, “adds the M2 Ultra chip rather than the M1 Ultra chip, and has functionality that is quite comparable to that of the Mac Studio. Therefore, it would not make sense for Apple to simultaneously offer the M2 Ultra Mac Studio and M2 Ultra Mac Pro.

Mac Pro vs. Mac Studio
In actuality, the Mac Studio differs from the Mac Pro in a few key ways. It is far less modular, to start. Although current rumors claim that the upcoming Mac Pro won’t support expandable graphics or RAM, it is anticipated that you will be able to increase its storage after purchasing. Despite Apple’s claim that the Mac Studio is “modular,” the Mac Pro offers much more customization options.

Additionally, the Mac Pro’s superior cooling system and greater dimensions, which promotes better airflow, make it significantly better at cooling its components than the Mac Studio. The upcoming Mac Pro will reportedly have even greater cooling, significantly extending its advantage over the Mac Studio.

Mac Pro | Features, Specs, Expansion, Price

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But if Apple waits to update the Mac Studio, a lot of people will be quite upset. It is simple to travel to different locations and fit onto desks because to its significantly more compact shape. Due to its metal tower construction, the Mac Pro is significantly bigger and heavier, which won’t appeal to everyone in terms of both form and function.

When it first came out, the Mac appeared to be the iMac Pro’s death knell, putting an end to all hopes for the all-in-comeback. one’s But given that the fate of the Mac Studio may again be in doubt, does this suggest that a future iMac Pro is once again a possibility? The answer will be interesting to learn, but only Apple’s leaders are certain.

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