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The New 144Hz Gaming Monitor From Samsung Is Essentially a TV

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The New 144Hz Gaming Monitor From Samsung Is Essentially a TV-GadgetAny

Many of the top gaming monitors are available from Samsung in a variety of sizes and shapes. The Odyssey Neo G7 43′′ was the latest one that the business unveiled today.

Samsung has announced the Odyssey Neo G7 in response to the displays unveiled earlier this month at CES 2023, such as the 64-inch Odyssey Neo G9 and 5K ViewFinity S9 (model name G70NC). This display is enormous even though it doesn’t have an ultrawide aspect ratio and instead has a regular 16:9 ratio. The display’s diagonal measurement of 43 inches places it well within the size range of entry-level TVs.

The Neo G7 acts like a smart TV, so its size isn’t the only thing that makes it similar to TVs. It shares a “Smart Hub” and “Gaming Hub” with several other displays (such as the Smart Monitor M8) from Samsung, offering it built-in access to well-liked streaming services and cloud gaming platforms without the need to connect anything in. If the linked PC doesn’t support Netflix and other services at their highest quality or other specialized use cases, that might be handy.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, Odyssey Neo G7, and Odyssey G4 are launched globally

Photo Credit: DisplaySpecifications

The Neo G7’s other features include support for HDR10+, 144 Hz refresh rate, and 4K resolution. For professional graphics design or video production, this probably won’t be the greatest monitor because it has a VA panel rather than a more accurate IPS or OLED screen. Even said, if you’re the type of person who prefers a fairly large gaming display, it appears to be a fantastic gaming monitor.

In the first quarter of 2023, or before March 31, according to Samsung, the monitor will be sold all over the world. Sadly, no pricing details are presently available.

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