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The Next-Generation Xelento Wired Earbuds from Beyerdynamic

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The Next-Generation Xelento Wired Earbuds from Beyerdynamic-GadgetAny
The Next-Generation Xelento Wired Earbuds from Beyerdynamic

Updated versions of the company’s flagship Xelento Remote and Xelento Wireless earbuds have been presented by headphone expert Beyerdynamic. The “jewel-like” buds are handcrafted at Beyerdynamic’s Heilbronn headquarters in Germany and offer high-resolution sound, the company’s most recent Tesla transducer technology, and a 24-carat gold logo. Fancy.

The redesigned Xelento Wireless earbuds are targeted specifically at streamers and come with a convenient neckband (see image below). Features include support for high-quality audio codecs including LHDC and aptX HD, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, up to 14 hours of listening, an integrated AKM DAC, and up to 14 hours of battery life.

The Next-Generation Xelento Wired Earbuds from Beyerdynamic

If you hadn’t guessed, we love the Xelento earbuds, especially the Remote model from the previous generation, which we gave a five-star rating. The new Tesla has a good chance of succeeding. 11 (11mm) driver, reportedly the company’s smallest Tesla drive unit to yet, will deliver the same power.

A remote control, a hands-free microphone, and support for three voice assistants are further features (Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant). Seven pairs of silicone eartips (newly created by Beyerdynamic) and three memory foam tips are included in the opulent package. Finding a suitable fit should be possible as a result.

Naturally, gold-plated buds are expensive. For $999 (about PS900 or AU$1600) and $1199 (roughly PS1100 or AU$1900), respectively, the new Xelento Remote and Wireless earbuds are currently on sale.

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