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The release of new privacy features for Google Chrome

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The Google Chrome web browser is continuously changing, with significant updates coming out more quickly than ever before and smaller additions appearing outside of the scheduled release window. Just in time for Data Privacy Day, a few additional privacy and security features have now been introduced. To open the proper panel in Chrome's settings, first, put "clear browsing data" into the search box in the browser. Then, click the shortcut button. Some people have already received this, but according to Google, everyone should be able to use it. It resembles the brand-new search bar filters that were introduced in December. How to Enable Privacy and Security Settings in Chrome Computer? Photo Credit: BrowserHow When you return to an Incognito session, Google is also introducing an option that will demand biometric authentication (such as Face ID on iPhones or a fingerprint on Android phones). It is "now rolling out to users of Android" and has already been made available on Chrome for iPhone and iPad. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Lock incognito tabs when Chrome is closed to check it out. A few additional security and privacy features were emphasized by Google in its blog post, although the majority have been accessible for some time, such as the Privacy Guide, which was introduced with Chrome 98. In any case, it's fantastic to have more data management options in Chrome, even though it's still not the greatest browser if data privacy is your primary priority.

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