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Sony HT-AX7 Bluetooth Speaker : Transform Your Tablet Into A Portable Home Theater With 30-hrs Battery Life

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image credit - stuff.tv With a pair of satellite speakers that can be taken off, Sony's new HT-AX7 Bluetooth speaker could turn your tablet into a portable home theatre. The Sony HT-AX7 is a new home theatre system from the Japanese tech giant Sony. This "portable theatre system" has three speakers, works with Bluetooth, and has its own 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology.   The two smaller portable speakers can be put on either side of the main speaker, positioned in front of you, to guarantee that sound is projected in all directions. The sophisticated design fits nicely with different decors, only available in a single shade of grey. [caption id="attachment_186359" align="aligncenter" width="750"]sonyspeakers image credit - lifewire.com[/caption] Also read - Following its initial launch at the Sony PlayStation Direct, the PlayStation VR2 will now be sold in stores as well 


It is said to have a power life of 30 hours, and the speakers are small and light enough to fit in your hand. This means that you can put them in a lot of different places. 


Even though it's a video on YouTube, HT-AX7 makes you feel like you're in the crowd at a live show. The gunshots in the movie clips sounded like they were echoing all over the room, and the sound of the cars moving made it feel like you were really there. You can turn off the spatial sound and use the speakers for things like parties, where the sound will be spread evenly through each part.


The Sony HT-AX7 works with iOS and Android versions of the Sony Home Entertainment Connect app. You can use this to control the device's power and play and change the audio to presets for night mode and voice mode. However, the device doesn't have EQ sliders that you can use to change the sound.


Even though all of this is very amazing, the price of this product is a big turn-off.  The HT-AX7 will cost $499, Sony has revealed. And it doesn't have any real ports like HDMI, optical, or a 3.5mm jack to connect it to something that doesn't have Bluetooth. Most people who watch TV shows and movies on their computers and phones can't afford a TV and home entertainment system, so it's hard to tell who this product is for.  But a date for the US has not been announced yet.

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