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The Star Wars: Andor is now available on Disney+

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The Star Wars: Andor is now available on Disney+-GadgetAny
In Star Wars: Andor's trailer, a tragic Jedi death is evoked

It’s finally time for the next installment of the ever-expanding Star Wars saga. A prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story called Star Wars: Andor has been in the works at Lucasfilm for a while. Star Wars fans can now witness how much Andor’s take on the story differs from characters like The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi thanks to the series’ official launch on Disney+.

It was initially scheduled to premiere last month, Andor. Although it was postponed, it eventually received a more excellent debut. This morning, Disney+ released the first three episodes of Season 1 of Andor rather than just one. On day one, viewers will get an excellent opportunity to observe a significant plot piece.

The Star Wars: Andor is now available on Disney+

Twelve episodes will make up Andor’s first season, and a second season with the same number of attacks is already in the works. The narrative will be spread out across a total of 24 chapters.

The purpose of the series is to go deeply into the early years of the Rebellion while examining Cassian Andor’s life narrative. Resuming his role from Rogue One, Luna claims that the series will demonstrate how he came to play such an essential role in the struggle against the Empire.

That and many other questions will be answered, Luna assured ComicBook.com. “In Rogue One, he mentions being a part of this conflict since he was six. He discusses a pretty tragic past. He says he is doing awful things for the Rebellion. We’ll discover what he means, you know? Tony Gilroy’s writing is highly complicated and intriguing.

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