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The TI-83 Plus: Graphing Calculators Transform as Retro Gaming Consoles

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(Image credit- SUPERJUMP) As originally all focused on tackling algebra and other math problems that could take longer to complete on paper, graphing calculators haven't altered much in terms of design or functionality for a very long time. Texas Instruments graphic calculators, however, are currently being modified to work as gaming consoles, connecting to PCs exclusively through a USB port. As technology advances, calculator use is steadily declining, but due to this hack, calculators are becoming more widely used as a low-cost platform for retro gaming.

TI Graphing Calculators Repurposed as Classic Gaming Equipment

Another focus has been placed on gaming on the most unusual technology, notably Texas Instruments graphing calculators, according to a report. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Stealth Gaming Image credit- Stealth Gaming[/caption] In the report, a TI-84 Plus CE was modified with the aid of a mini-USB connector on the side so that popular vintage games could be installed on the calculator and played by users. According to reports,  a number of classic games with color, focus on games like Tetric-A, a recreation of the original Tetris, and Spaze Invaders, a non-piracy version of Space Invaders.

Algebra to Games on the Texas Instruments Calculator

Texas Instruments, a tech company with headquarters in Dallas, has added a micro USB port to its calculators, making it possible to link them to PCs and download games right to the gadget. However, at one point the company blocked this "loophole," but a few users still managed to find a means to go around it and still load the desired games. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1400"]The history of TI-83 calculator gaming - Polygon Image credit- Polygon[/caption]

Game Porting to Unimaginable Platforms

It's been a strange practice in the gaming industry for years, but sideloading or porting games to devices not designed for gaming has become a common pastime for players. One of the most well-known was bringing the complete game of Doom on a TI graphing calculator by porting the original version of the game. With one developer sideloading it to the most exclusive platforms of the moment, the Apple Watch and Apple TV, Doom by Bethesda has gained a lot of popularity for being ported into the most unbelievable of gadgets. A more recent example is how Elon Musk's love of video games led to the addition of a Steam client port to Tesla's infotainment system, allowing users to play while their car is parked. Through the USB connections that link to computers and the accompanying software, Texas Instruments has made it possible to install games on graphing calculators. However, the calculator's small display and even fewer physical buttons were designed with solving mathematical equations and problems in mind, not all of the games could be played on it. Also read: Activision Blizzard is now raking in more money from PC gamers than console players

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