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The TikTok Blue Eye Theory: Interesting Facts About Blue Eyes and Why It's Becoming Popular

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(Image credit- Tech Times) Users that take up the challenge are increasing the popularity of the TikTok blue eye fad. Similar phenomena are also emerging on the video platform as of this writing. The shoe idea and the hair theory are a couple of such examples. Now, the "blue eye" notion was developed by TikTok users. Users are experimenting with the blue eye filter in this trend to explore how they might appear if they had blue eyes. But what is the main objective of this TikTok challenge, and why is it so well-liked? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="677"]What is the 'Blue Eye Theory' on TikTok? Viral Trend Explained - The Teal Mango Image credit- The Teal Mango[/caption]

Blue Eye Theory on TikTok

The TikTok blue eye theory was developed to demonstrate that having blue eyes makes persons appear more threatening, according to Dexerto's most recent study. TikTok video producers will employ the app's blue eyes filter to complete the challenge. They will first make a facial expression using their own eyes. They will then make the same expression again. However, they will apply the blue eyes filter this time. According to the films, their expressions appear more intense when their eyes are blue (of course, perceptions still have a role in this). Some people with naturally blue eyes claimed that they frequently get remarks about how threatening they appear. The blue-eye theory continues to be controversial today. Check out some of the TikTok blue eye trends below if you have any thoughts:
  • @benjikrol perhaps the original sound is true - *°
  • Original sound for "Blue Eyes Theory" by @lilirem24 @gaejude.15 Original sound of "Blue Eyed Baccla" (#fyp #wlw #gay) -:)
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Blue Eyes Fun Facts

In Asia and other regions where brown or darker-colored eyes are more frequent, the TikTok blue eye challenge is currently popular. If you don't have blue eyes, you should know some interesting facts regarding this eye color:
  • Since blue eyes have less melanin than brown eyes, they are more sensitive to light.
  • Blue eyes are uncommon, occurring in about 8% of the world's population.
  • According to scientists, individuals with blue eyes share a common progenitor.
  • There are several cases where newborns lose their blue eye color.
According to experts, people with blue eyes are more prone to develop an alcohol addiction. Also read: What is an Average Lifespan Of an SSD? In other headlines, ByteDance stated that as part of their Earth Day 2023 initiatives, climate change denial videos on TikTok will be taken down. We also discussed a recent study that suggested TikTok FYP users are automatically shown videos of self-harm.  

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