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The US Solar Cell Factory in Oklahoma is Now Enel North America's First Choice

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Oklahoma is about to get one of the largest solar cell factories in the US (Image credit- Electrek)

Enel North America has chosen Oklahoma as the site of its 3-gigawatt solar panel and cell facility. This will be one of the biggest solar cell manufacturing facilities in the country. Solar Cell Factory in Oklahoma Oklahoma was chosen as the top location for the 3-gigawatt, one of the biggest solar panel and cell factories in the nation, by Italian utility Enel North America. The corporation is enthusiastic about the potential to increase its offerings and presence in the state, according to the Electrek story. The plant will be able to make solar cells in the US, where the majority of domestically assembled panels are constructed using technology that is primarily imported from foreign countries. Although the facility is designed to produce 3 GW of modules annually, Enel claims that there is a chance that capacity could eventually increase to 6 GW. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Enel says Oklahoma is top candidate for its US solar panel factory | Reuters Image credit- Reuters[/caption] The plant will be dedicated to making bifacial heterojunction cells, and production is anticipated to begin in late 2024. This will incorporate features of thin-film solar cells as well as traditional crystalline solar cells. Oklahoma and Enel Enel has produced numerous projects in various parts of the city over the course of the past ten years, according to Governor Kevin Stitt (R-OK). This cooperation, though, will be unique because it will go down in Oklahoman history as one of the state's biggest development agreements. Enel already has a presence in Oklahoma, where it already has a $3 billion portfolio of wind project investments, and Oklahoma City is not a new market for the corporation. The business launched a new office and training facility in the city in October of last year, which will help create a workforce for sustainable energy. Enel is currently finishing up its investigation on potential locations in Oklahoma City. The corporation places a high priority on factors including workforce and land availability, accessibility to transportation, and tax and incentive systems when deciding where to locate. Enel is currently thinking of using Tulsa, Oklahoma as the location. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Enel says Oklahoma is top candidate for its US solar panel factory, ET  EnergyWorld Image credit- EnergyWorld[/caption] According to Arthur Jackson, senior vice president of economic development for the Tulsa Regional Chamber, picking Oklahoma is a wise decision because it has the energy, workforce, and real estate requirements of the corporation. As a result, the Tulsa area sees this as a fantastic opportunity and would welcome the company if they were picked. They are eager to collaborate on this investment with the governor and state government. Also read: TikTok is banned from campus WiFi at University of Texas to reduce national security risks Since US President Joe Biden signed the historic climate change law last year, the partnership between the state and the business also represents one of the largest commitments to solar manufacturing. According to the reports, this initiative will enable Oklahoma and Enel to create thousands of employment for the region and invest $1 million in the state, creating an incentive package for this partnership.

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