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The VM45 velomobile, powered by both pedals and electricity, yields speeds close to 30 mph.

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The VM45 velomobile, powered by both pedals and electricity, yields speeds close to 30 mph.-GadgetAny
vm45 velomobile

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Cargo e-bikes are often considered as substitutes for cars, but they generally fall short in terms of urban cruising speed compared to automobiles. However, the VM45, a four-wheeled velomobile, comes remarkably close to achieving high speeds with a top electric-assisted speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).

Typically designed as a recumbent tricycle, or in this case, a quadcycle, the VM45 features a full aerodynamic shell that contributes to its increased speed compared to upright bicycles. Additionally, this streamlined body provides ample cargo space and offers protection from adverse weather conditions.

vm45 velomobile
Image credit : New Atlas

Developed by Czech mobility company Katanga, known for creating the popular WAW velomobile and collaborating on the Velove Armadillo four-wheeler, the VM45 project has been in progress since January 2021.

The lightweight shell of the vehicle is constructed from a composite material comprising aramid and carbon fibers embedded in an epoxy matrix. Access to the cockpit is provided through a side-opening lockable hatch on top, and a smaller downward-opening hatch at the rear allows entry to the 350-liter (92-gallon) cargo compartment.

vm45 velomobile
Image credit : New Atlas

The VM45’s drivetrain incorporates a 7-speed, auto-shifting, 750-watt Valeo motor/gearbox, augmenting the rider’s pedaling power and enabling speeds of up to 45 km/h. Additionally, the motor has a reverse gear function. The motor is powered by a 48V/1,240-Wh lithium-ion battery, providing a range of approximately 255 km (158 miles) in Eco assist mode.

For a smooth ride, the vehicle features front and rear DNM coil-spring shocks with travel distances of 45 mm and 60 mm, respectively. The VM45 is equipped with 90-mm Sturmey-Archer drum brakes in the front and 160-mm disc brakes in the back, which double as parking brakes.

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The vehicle comes equipped with a comprehensive lighting system (including turn indicators), an electric motorcycle horn, and dual side mirrors. Weighing a claimed 79 kg (174 lb) with the battery included, the VM45 rides on four 20-inch 47-mm-wide spoked bicycle wheels and has a maximum rider/cargo weight capacity of 121 kg (267 lb).

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