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These 13 Cities Have 5 Gigabit Google Fiber

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These 13 Cities Have 5 Gigabit Google Fiber-GadgetAny

Google Fiber, a household, and commercial fiber internet service max out at 2 gigabits in a few places. Google wants 5 gigabytes.

5-gigabit symmetrical internet is currently available via Google Fiber. Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the Salt Lake Valley in Utah—including Millcreek, Central City, South Salt Lake, and Greater Avenues—are the first to get it. 13 cities are listed.

Google Fiber Rolls Out a 5 Gig Service to Multiple US Cities (KC being one of the cities) : r/kansascity

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5 Gig speeds cost $125 per month, up from $100 for 2 Gig. The $70/mo 1 Gig subscription is still the lowest. Signing up gets you an unnamed Wi-Fi 6 router (or your own), up to two mesh extenders, and professional installation. 5 Gig installation includes a 10-gigabit fiber jack, making future network expansions easier.

Google pledges to expand its 5 Gig service to more locations “later this year” and offer an even quicker 8 Gig service in some areas. Last year, the business tested 20 gigabit service and is negotiating fiber cable installations in several US cities.

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