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This 2003 BMW 330i ZHP is a Great Bargain at $9,500

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Image Source:  The 2003 BMW 330i at first glance appears to be a standard E46 four-door with some flashy wheels and bumpers. Take a closer look, however, and you'll notice that there's a lot more going on here. This 330i has been carefully optioned, with the most essential set of codes being the ZHP package. It's a slew of visual, functional, and performance tweaks that result in a very distinct experience. The main components of the ZHP package include some massage magic for the 3-liter M54 engine beneath the bonnet, which adds seven horsepower to the total of 235. The engine has a 300 rpm higher redline, giving you more room to savor those ponies. [caption id="attachment_131775" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]BMW 330i ZHP Front View Image Source: BMWBlog[/caption] Additional enhancements include new suspension tuning and a standard six-speed Getrag mated to a shorter final drive. The aforementioned wheels and bumpers, as well as Alcantara trim on the inside, most notably on the steering wheel, are cosmetic upgrades. Alcantara is great for parts of the car that are never touched, but it ages poorly when handled frequently.  The three-spoke sport wheel appears to be less well-kept than the rest of the cabin. The sport buckets have some wear as well, but remarkably given their age, there is no visible severe damage or discoloration. The dash and door cards appear to be in excellent condition, as does all of the switchgear. The exterior is spotless, especially the headlamp lenses, which are a common issue on E46s. Aside from some obvious aging in the black plastic trim and some marring in the allots, everything is in good condition. The options list for this automobile does not end with the ZHP package, and the advertisement displays all of the codes and their relationships. Would you want the smoker's package? You obviously do not. Yet it's still in this automobile. It also has a clean title and a claimed 153,302 miles on the odo. The miles are most visible on the steering wheel and in the list of items that have been upgraded or replaced. The question at hand is whether the car as a collection of pluses and minuses adds up to its $9,500 asking price.

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