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This alleged fugitive mom of 6 is making $115K a month on OnlyFans

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This alleged fugitive mom of 6 is making $115K a month on OnlyFans-GadgetAny
Lisa Marie Mathers

Despite being on the run from the authorities, a mother claims to be generating money on OnlyFans.

The International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol, is allegedly looking for Lisa Marie Mathers, 30, in connection with an unnamed legal dispute with Norwegian authorities.

Mathers, who resides in Scotland with her husband and kids, claims that since leaving Norway in 2013, she hasn’t been back.

The mother, who has six children ranging in age from two to twelve, apparently declined to go back to Norway in February 2017 to handle the legal issue. She claimed that her dread of being detained prevented her from traveling abroad.

“I was really scared of the Norwegian authorities — I moved (my) address, so they didn’t know where I was,” the terrified mom said, per SWNS.

“I started getting calls from Norway to say Interpol were involved, and I couldn’t leave the country,” she confessed.

“I was sick of being at home in my 20s and wanted to make some money,” she said. “I Googled strip clubs and Private Eyes came up. I danced three or four nights a week.”

“The most I ever made in one night was $7,000, and on average I earned $3,400 a month,” Mathers said of her time dancing. She admitted the “stigma” eventually drove her away, and she decided to enroll in a university.

The mother started taking classes in August at the University of Inverness in Scotland for an English degree, and she also started posting to OnlyFans on the side. The pressure of studying, being a mother, and maintaining her OnlyFans account soon led her to make the decision to give up.

I had to drop out of the course since I knew OnlyFans would earn more money, she stated.

Mathers is currently employed by a company that reportedly estimated her monthly income at up to $115,000. According to reports, she ranks in the site’s top 13% of creators.

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