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This flame-throwing robot dog is coming to give you nightmares

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This flame-throwing robot dog is coming to give you nightmares-GadgetAny
Thernomator flamebot dog

Image credit : Twitter

The Thermonator was also developed by a firm named Throwflame, which is today most known for its small, all-electric flamethrowers that use a push-button plasma arc igniter in place of an open flame.

Thermonator appears to be based on the Unitree Go1 quadruped robot, which is much smaller and lighter than Spot but still has a variety of cameras and sensors onboard allowing it some level of autonomous navigation when it’s not being operated from a wireless controller because of the strict EULA that Boston Dynamics enforces with Spot.

flame-throwing robot dog
Image credit : Boing Boing

One of the company’s ARC Flamethrowers, which can shoot a 30-foot-long stream of blazing flame for up to 45 minutes when using its biggest capacity battery, is perched atop the Thermonator. It uses a built-in fuel tank filled with gasoline or a gasoline/diesel mixture.

The Thermonator, a robot from Unitree that has flame-throwing modifications, is said to weigh closer to 60 pounds than the company’s Go1 robot, which Unitree estimates comes in at about 26 pounds on its own. This weight difference will definitely put a cap on how long the robot can run before requiring a battery replacement.

The Thermonator is not currently available for purchase, but interested parties can enter their email addresses on Throwflame’s website to “join the waitlist to be emailed when this product becomes available,” with delivery anticipated in the third quarter of 2023.

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Even though the price hasn’t been disclosed yet, the Unitree Go1 sells for between $2,700 and $3,500, depending on how the bot is set up, and the ARC Flamethrower costs between $699 and $899, so these prices should give you a general idea of how much the Thermonator will cost. But if you decide that purchasing one is a good idea, you’ll probably want to consider additional health insurance, property insurance, and house insurance.

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