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This Is How You Can Get Android 14's New Swipe Back Gesture Early

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Image credit : FoneArena.com Although Android and iOS are much comparable than ever, Android still dominates in one specific area: the back gesture. Going back on Android is a dream—and a very straightforward one at that—unlike the inconsistent back gestures and buttons that are present on iPhones. Every time you hit the back button or swipe back, you go back to the previous screen, app, or page you were on. You may be among the first to test out the new version since the gesture is changing right now. The back gesture is a convenient guess for the majority of Android users. But it won't last forever: With Android 14, Google finally provides some background before we return to where we were. The "predictive back gesture" introduced in Android 14 Developer Preview 2 allows you to see a preview of the application you're about to switch to as you pull on the screen. You'll see that if you're about to go back a page, but if you're about to launch another program, its window will also start to slowly appear. A Material You arrow will also show to let you know that you are heading back a page.

How to get the latest Android back gesture right away

Naturally, Android 14 isn't yet available. Some of us don't even have Android 13 yet, to be honest. Install the most recent Android 14 developer preview on your Pixel 4a 5G or later in order to test out the new back gesture. Anyone may install the developer preview on a Pixel device, unlike Apple's developer betas, which require a premium developer account. However, use caution before putting it on your personal phone, just like you would with any beta program. If you want to do so, be sure to have a complete backup of your data because a developer preview bug could force you to reset your smartphone and lose any data that isn't saved somewhere else.

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