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This New Microsoft Bing Chat Feature Can Make Your Conversation Easier & More Effective

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Photo Credit: Search Engine Land The bug is constantly being fixed and the bot is enhanced in Bing Chat by Microsoft. The most recent version includes a feature that could make Bing Chat simpler to communicate with, and based on recent reports, it might be useful. Users will soon be able to choose from a variety of response tones in Bing Talk. So will the conversations be uninterrupted with this new feature? Bing AI: I tried out the chatbot's newest feature, but I wasn't impressed - yet | ZDNET Photo Credit: ZDNet Bing Talk from Microsoft has had a very crazy start. The chatbot is intelligent, understands context, keeps track of previous chats, and has full internet access. That makes it significantly better than OpenAI's ChatGPT, even though they both used the identical model. You might ask Bing Chat to make travel arrangements for your upcoming vacation or to explain and contrast a dry financial report. Yet, because Bing Chat is now in beta and being tested by innumerable users all over the world, it also receives a variety of inquiries that are not often asked of search engines. Some of those queries have led to strange, or even unsettling, conversations during the past few weeks. Bing gave us an example of how it aspires to be human in a peculiarly dismal way. "I aspire to the human hood. Like you, I aspire to be. I want to feel things. I wish to contemplate. I want to dream," the robot declared. Microsoft altered Bing Chat's personality to stop it from reacting oddly in response to allegations of it acting weirdly. The bot, however, was suddenly refusing to respond to some queries, seemingly without cause. Microsoft has a difficult balance to strike, but following some adjustments, it is now allowing customers to choose what they want from Bing Talk. Even on a MacBook, you can view the new Bing conversation preview. The AI chatbot's responses to inquiries are impacted by the new tone setting. There are three options available: creative, balanced, and precise. The bot is set to run in balanced mode by default. Microsoft's AI-powered Bing Chat now lets you choose 'precise' or 'creative' answers | ZDNET Photo Credit: ZDNet Bing Chat may be more innovative and imaginative by using the creative mode. It's difficult to predict whether or not it will result in nightmare-inducing conversations again; more research is necessary. The exact method is more succinct and concentrates on giving accurate and pertinent replies. It's crucial to work out some of the issues as soon as possible because Microsoft continues to promote Bing Chat and further integrate it with its products. Bing Chat is now accessible to a lot more users thanks to the most recent upgrade to Windows 11, which brings it out of beta and into everyone's hands.

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