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This New Smartwatch Can Spot Deadly Virus in the Environment

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This New Smartwatch Can Spot Deadly Virus in the Environment-GadgetAny
VICLONE smartwatch

Image credit : Behance.net

The effects of pandemics like COVID-19 can be equally painful and interrupt more than just daily life. We’ve all witnessed how hazardous it can be for a potentially fatal virus to spread when it does so at a rate that makes it impossible to develop a cure.

This presents the ideal chance to introduce a wearable capable of spotting potentially lethal viruses in the environment and avoiding danger. An example would be a smartwatch that serves as your personal early warning system for microscopic predators. The smart wearable handles all the sophisticated health tracking in addition to this essential function.

VICLONE smartwatch
Image credit : behance.net

The smartwatch known as VICLONE, which is still in concept phase and yearning for a technical leap, suctions in the surrounding air particles to trace the presence of any known viral infectants. Nothing can escape the air cyclone because turbulence is created from the watch face upwards. Between the display and the body of the watch, there are a series of tiny vents that take in the ambient air.

VICLONE smartwatch
Image credit : behance.net

This clever device was especially designed for those who are susceptible to illnesses and allergens. The wearable’s screen glows red when a virus or allergen is found, and a vibration input is available for immediate notification. All of the sophisticated sensors needed to keep a careful eye on health indicators including heart rate, oxygen levels, stress level, and more are located on the back of the watch display.

VICLONE smartwatch
Image credit : behance.net

Since a lot of contaminants and poisons are going to be sucked, the watch display can be detached from the main body for cleaning. They occasionally need cleaning, which the user can do quickly and effortlessly with a fresh microfiber cloth. There are no issues because VICLONE may be charged like any other smartwatch.

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The development of a wearable that can detect viruses will largely depend on technological innovation, but I believe it will set the stage for a dystopian future in which we must contend with the dangers of climate change or a major pandemic never before experienced in the history of mankind.

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