This Super Mario Illusion Made Whole Internet Confused, Can you solve it?

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You must have heard of a debate that which came first into existence The chicken or the egg? The Internet has been baffled by a picture of Mario climbing a stair; however, it’s hard to exactly say whether he is going upstairs or down the stairs? Twitter users are trying to answer this question by analyzing the calculation and model analysis, and geometric angling; however, none are unsure of their answers. 

New York Post highlighted this issue; where Reddit published this three years ago, this image is still playing with the head of millions of users around the world. Scholars might look at this ongoing discussion as we look back to the psychological debates of the past. Most of the people assumed that he was going upstairs. A few said he was going downstairs and indicated that we must look at the shadow. Moreover, a few people said that light was coming out of the window, telling that the sun was upright on the right, so he went downstairs. Also, his foot is at the top, so if he had been going down, his foot would have been lower. So, he is going upstairs. 


However, if you have lost your sleep over this castle conundrum, we would like to inform you that this scene is from the TV show ”Mario & Joilet” Episode 23, where Mario is running upstairs to escape the persuing of Koopa Troopas.

This is one of the most unique and memorable puzzles of our time. We can only say that we can say for sure that Mario is going upstairs by the fact that users have identified the scene. Be it up or down, we’re happy to see Mario in the news again.

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