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This unexpected workaround can help you fix your Pixel fingerprint woes

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This unexpected workaround can help you fix your Pixel fingerprint woes-GadgetAny
Pixel fingerprint issues

Image credit : Phandroid

Despite how helpful in-screen fingerprint scanners are, occasionally they will outright refuse to verify you. While some gadgets, like newer Galaxy S models, use faster and more secure ultrasonic sensors, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series use a less reliable optical sensor hidden beneath the display. While these scanners aren’t necessarily bad, they frequently simply reject your fingerprints and ask you to enter your PIN. Reddit users have discovered a technique to increase the sensors’ performance slightly after software updates fell short of expectations.

Someone on the Google Pixel subreddit expressed frustration with their Pixel phone at the end of last month because the fingerprint sensor wouldn’t function if their fingertips weren’t dry and clean. The user ultimately discovered that the sensor would instantly detect an attempt to unlock the phone if they wiped their finger on the side of their nose and accumulated face oil from it.

Pixel fingerprint issues
Image credit : Tom’s Guide

Although Google hasn’t confirmed this workaround, several users who commented on the post said that the tactic had helped them. In fact, yesterday someone else began a new thread pointing to the first one and saying the approach had worked for them.

Even though some people report success with this approach, others refuse to even give it a shot and advise those who have dry hands to apply moisturizer instead of rubbing their fingers across their faces.

This workaround is obviously not ubiquitous, and there may be a number of other ways to improve the sensor’s performance, but this is unquestionably the most peculiar one we’ve encountered.

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Although the fingerprint reader on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro has been slightly enhanced, it still uses the same optical technology as its forerunners. Google might be seeking to update to an ultrasonic sensor like the ones in Samsung’s flagship series with the Pixel 8 range set to come this autumn.

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