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This vibrating pill has a solution for constipation

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A new pill that uses a completely different approach to treat constipation may be helpful for those who want to avoid medications if natural methods like increasing your water and fiber intake are unable to help you relieve your constipation. Instead, it sends out vibrations to help the body's natural elimination processes get going. Constipation, which is characterized by having fewer than three bowel movements in a week, is a condition for which there is no single guaranteed treatment because there is no single cause for it. It might be brought on by a person's current diet, a bad reaction to something they ate, travel, or even stress. Most people can turn to prescription or over-the-counter laxatives when dietary changes or increasing physical activity fail to solve the issue. These medications either draw more water into the colon to soften stools for easier passage or stimulate the walls of the intestine to help get things moving again. The latter strategy is used by Vibrant, but without any drug use. Vibrant is a pill, it must first be activated by being placed into a smartphone-connected pod before being swallowed (around bedtime every night). The pill passes through the body in the same manner as food and other orally administered medications, but stomach acids don't dissolve or break it down. [caption id="attachment_92177" align="aligncenter" width="965"]Vibrant gastro Vibrant gastro[/caption] Similar to pill cameras, vibrant capsules are made of medical-grade materials and are designed to be strong enough to withstand even accidental bites. Instead, it provides relief by producing minute vibrations at three-second intervals (three seconds on, three seconds off), which help stimulate nerve cells and cause peristalsis, the muscular contractions that elicit the wavelike movement of food and waste through the body. The pill vibrates for about two hours after being swallowed, then goes dormant for about six hours before vibrating once more for another two hours. It doesn't break down until it leaves the body when it is flushed away (hopefully along with the obstruction that caused constipation). The motorized component of the pills doesn't appear to be rechargeable, not that you'd want to do so after their first fantastic journey. Also Read: How to workout more intensely & more cheaply in 2023? In a study, 200 people with chronic constipation took the pill every night for eight weeks, with results showing that 40% of the group experienced at least one additional bowel movement per week. Only 23% of an additional 149 study participants who took a placebo reported having at least one more bowel movement weekly. Vibrant, unlike most laxatives, doesn't have unpleasant side effects like diarrhea, but a few test subjects reported feeling the pill vibrate inside of them. Even so, they didn't take it daily because it wasn't that bad. Although the US Food and Drug Administration granted Vibrant approval in August last year, doctors can only now prescribe it. The "self-pay option" is reportedly offered for about $2–3 per day, according to the Vibrant website.

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