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This Wooden Keyboard Is Magnificent!

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It makes you feel more at ease to touch wood than plastic or metal, and there is no reason why technology can't make advantage of sustainable resources. With its brand-new Full Ki-Board Wireless keyboard, Hacoa has accomplished exactly that. It has real wood keycaps with a natural texture and wooden trim. The word "ki" means spirit or vitality in Japanese, and according to Hacoa, the Ki-Board " adds warmth to inorganic personal computers." The keyboard has a 1,000mAh battery, Bluetooth 5.0, and a 2.4GHz transmitter built in underneath (a matching USB receiver is also included), allowing you to connect it wirelessly to your computer, tablet, or phone without ruining the attractive design. Given that it has blue switches and a mechanical design, this keyboard looks fantastic and should click satisfyingly. Its 102 keys have laser engraving on each one. In order to give tactile feedback and help you position your fingertips for touch typing, the 5 on the numeric keypad, as well as the F and J keys, all have holes. Keyboard layouts for both Macs and PCs are supported. The Command symbol is on the Alt key, while Apple's Option symbol is on the Windows key. To indicate battery, Bluetooth, and PC or Mac mode, three colored LEDs are recessed into the upper right corner. A wooden keyboard might be a wonderful addition to your electronics on a chilly morning and possibly a more welcoming way to begin your day. This level of skill and beauty, however, unfortunately, has a great cost. Hacoa states that the Complete Ki-Board will be offered in walnut or cherry wood and that it is made entirely of solid wood with no joints. The cost of the wireless mechanical keyboard is 99,000 yen, or around $751. The cost of a matching palm rest is roughly $83. On March 20, 2023, this unusual wooden keyboard will go on sale for those who are interested in placing an order. The first to notice this unusual keyboard has highlighted that it's unclear whether U.S. merchants will carry it. A typewriter-themed keyboard from Rocksete can save you a few hundred dollars if all you want is a classic keyboard with distinctive aesthetics. And the brilliant Cyberboard is tough to top for a futuristic appearance.

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