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This's How to turn off your Echo Dot's clock

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One of the newest members of the Echo family is the Echo Dot with Clock. This useful smart home device comes with all the functions available on the conventional Echo Dot in addition to a simple display that can show the time or other useful information. However, Amazon provides a simple method for turning it off if you decide you don't like this low-tech display. Here's a detailed look at how to disable the clock on your Echo Dot and a quick tutorial on how to adjust its brightness.

Activating the clock on your Echo Dot

You can entirely turn off the clock on your Echo Dot in just a few easy steps. Remember that this technique only works with the Echo Dot with Clock and won't work with other Echo family products. Amazon Echo: How to Make it Hear You Better | Time Photo Credit: Time
  • Open the Alexa app in step 1.
  • Choose the Devices menu in step two.
  • Choose Echo & Alexa in step 3.
  • Locate the Echo Dot with Clock in step 4.
  • Choosing LED Display in Step 5 and switching to Off.
  • You're done! If you ever decide you want to use the clock, simply switch Display to On and then follow the same instructions as before.

While using the clock, dim the Echo Dot's display

Want the clock to be a little less light but don't want to entirely turn it off? Amazon has you covered once more. The procedure to turn off your clock is the same, but once you're in the menu for your Echo Dot with Clock, look for the Setting icon (which is shaped like a gear). Locate the area for LED displays by clicking this. Here, you can choose to use Adaptive Brightness, which automatically adjust the LED levels in accordance with the ambient light, or use a Brightness slider to manually configure it. Amazon Echo Glow Hands-on Review: a Smart Night Light for $30 Photo Credit: Business Insider On the other hand, you may adjust the brightness of your Echo Dot with a clock using voice commands. Among the commands that qualify:
  • Brightness should be set to "X" (where "X" is an integer between one and 10).
  • The brightest setting.
  • Minimize the brightness.
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