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Deal: Free 3-Month Trial for New Spotify Subscribers

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Deal: Free 3-Month Trial for New Spotify Subscribers-GadgetAny

Spotify recently announced a new deal, offering three months free trial of the Individual Premium plan to eligible Free and first-time users. In addition, for old users who canceled that plan before July 15, 2022, Spotify offers three months of subscription for just $9.99 who want to re-subscribe. Honestly, that’s a pretty decent deal from $4/month for unlimited music and podcasts. 

Furthermore, the latest free three-month offer is also available to students besides first-time users. In addition, new Spotify Duo and family subscribers will receive one free month. Hence, these users will have “unlimited skips, the ability to play any song they want, and no ads between songs.”

Moreover, once the three-month free trial is over, Spotify will charge the users who used the deal the regular price of the Individual Premium subscription. And, if the users opt out of the plan before the trial period ends, they wouldn’t be charged at all. 

3-month trial for new Spotify subscribers

What’s more

On another note, the latest offer will further help increase the growing subscriber numbers on the music streaming service, even as the company plans to slow the hiring process due to uncertain economic conditions. Besides, in Q2, Spotify reported 188 million subscribers from the 182 million in Q1. And the overall user count increased to 433 million in Q2 from 422 million in Q1. In addition, Spotify has recently added many new features to the platform. For instance, it now offers separate play and shuffle buttons to the paid subscribers. Plus, it introduced a redesign to help users differentiate between podcasts and music. 

On the other hand, the latest three-month free trial deal is available to eligible users in 135 Spotify markets globally. However, it is only valid till September 11, 2022, Sunday. Lastly, interested users can head to “Spotify.com/Premium” for more details on the offer and to sign up. 

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