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TikTok ban by the EU, according to China, undermines business confidence

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EU’s TikTok ban, according to China, will undermine corporate confidence. (Image credit- Bollyinside)

According to a report, on March 1st, China asserts that forbidding official European Union organizations from using TikTok will diminish economic confidence in Europe and also follows a spate of prohibitions from various nations. As mistrust in the app's Chinese ownership grows, the European Union Council, European Commission, and European Parliament have all forbade TikTok from being installed on official devices. This comes after the US Congress, the federal government and more than half of the states passed identical laws. In Canada, it is also forbidden on official equipment. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]China's Attack on U.S. Over TikTok Ban Spectacularly Backfires Image credit- MSN[/caption] Teenagers have taken a special liking to TikTok because of its sharing visual network. Because of its extensive reach and potent influence on the contemporary pop culture landscape, it helped start the careers of numerous influencers and artists. Yet numerous nations, including the US, have expressed alarm over the app's Chinese ownership, arguing that China may use it to spread its propaganda and steal users' sensitive data. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other Western social media platforms and messaging applications are not allowed in China. According to the reports, a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry named Mao Ning stated that although the EU "claims to be the most open market in the world," it has recently been pursuing restrictive measures and unjustifiably oppressing the firms of other nations. Mao claims that this will decrease public trust in the EU's economic climate globally. TikTok must be removed from any devices used for work-related purposes by EU employees by March 15. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]U.S. House panel approves bill giving Biden power to ban TikTok Image credit- dtNext[/caption] Also, the White House mandated that federal organizations remove TikTok from their devices within 30 days. Moreover, Canada decided on Monday that TikTok use is not allowed on government-owned devices because it presents an "intolerable" risk to users' security and privacy. As of this writing, countries like India, Taiwan, the US, Canada, the EU, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have all partially or completely outlawed TikTok. Due to privacy and security concerns, India banned WeChat in 2020 along with hundreds of other Chinese apps, including TikTok. Also read: Elon Musk waits to launch Blue Verified Twitter until he has “high confidence” on it The restriction was put into place not long after 20 Indian soldiers were killed and several others were hurt in a confrontation between Chinese and Indian troops along a sensitive Himalayan border. The ban took hold in January 2021 and has been in force ever since.

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